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Flower Power- Meet the Flowers of your Favorite Vegetables

Flower Power- Meet the Flowers of your Favorite Vegetables

21 July, 2022
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The Bloom! Every flower is special. Some flowers are nature’s final call, while for a few, it is a part of a greater story. Our farms, burst to life when they blossom into vegetables. We use best farming practices that ensure the right pollination and a better yield. We’re truly privileged to stand guard in this entire journey. Here we bring to you a snippet of a rendezvous that many of us haven’t seen or experienced before.

The Purple Patch-Brinjal: The flowering starts at 45 days from the time it is transplanted, and then in another month before it matures to the vegetable. Our Pheromone Trap is placed around 20 days from the time it is sowed to stop the stem & fruit borer (sustainable pest management)

45 Days after Transplanting

75 Days after Transplanting

Love in Red- Cherry Tomato: The bite-sized red delicacy starts after a month of sowing. In about 50-55 days (from the time of sowing) they become harvest-ready. Here Pheromone traps are used right after it starts flowering.

30 Days after Transplanting

55 Days after Transplanting

Cool as a Cucumber: After 25 days of sowing the first flowering happens and takes another three weeks for the veggie to come in shape. We use natural traps for Cucurbita- which is a fruit fly and can cause serious damage

25 days after Sowing

42 days after Sowing