Why Deep Rooted.Co

We're farmers ourselves.
We get our hands dirty, so that clean eating and healthy living is made more accessible.

We grow with our farmers.
We strive to nurture an equitable balance between our farmers and customers.

We have nothing to hide.
We see sincerity and honesty as essential values, which is why we're transparent about the way we work.

We hope to change the way food grows.
We, along with others world over, are sowing the seed for a much-needed global shift to sustainable farming. And we hope you join us on this journey.

When it comes to healthy living, we know that fresh fruits and veggies make all the nutritional difference.

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We use clean cultivation methods to preserve the goodness of the environment.

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We root for our small farmers. We don’t grow unless they do too.

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Explore our range of goodness.

Straight from our farm.

Easy-Cook Range

Easy to cook vegetables best suited for anyone who’s willing.

Fresh Fruits

Fill up your basket with the fresh, bright, and juicy fruits of our labour.

Indian Staples

Order the daily heroes of homegrown cuisine and comfort food.

Indian Greens

Get your daily dose of lush local greens for a well-rounded meal.

Exotic Staples

Enhance home-cooked meals with flavourful exotic staples.

Exotic Greens

Fresh and aromatic exotic greens sure to add a zing to your food.

A rooted journey from Harvest to Home
Every ounce of produce grown by Deep Rooted.Co goes through a safe and carefully thought out process before it reaches your home. Let's dive into it, shall we?

We now deliver in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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