Why Deep Rooted.Co?

Our dream for the world of tomorrow.

Our goals which find their roots in reality.

We're farmers ourselves.
We get our hands dirty, so that clean eating and healthy living is made more accessible.

We grow, when our farmers do too.
We strive to nurture an equitable balance between our farmers and customers.

We have nothing to hide.
We see sincerity and honesty as essential values, which is why we’re transparent about the way we work. For anyone interested, we’re always happy to invite you to visit our farms.

We hope to change the way food grows.
We, along with others world over, are sowing the seed for a much-needed global shift to sustainable farming. And we hope you join us on this journey.

We’re Fresh.
We grow primarily within a 150KM radius of your home.
We deliver within 16-20 hours of harvesting.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, freshness determines everything from nutrition to taste.

We’re peri-urban, which means most of our farms are no further than 150km away from the cities wherein we deliver. That’s why we promise our customers fresh produce within 16-20 hours of harvesting.

At every stage, our quality control team weeds out any fruit or vegetable that doesn't meet our standards of freshness.

We make sure our highly perishable produce, such as greens, are handled and delivered in ice boxes so as to preserve their inherent freshness and nutritional value.

We’re Clean.
We use primarily greenhouse and hydroponic techniques to grow 'zero-contamination' produce.
We have expert agronomists who guide our farmers from seed to harvest.

We take great efforts to grow our fruits and vegetables in a clean manner. That also means we try our best to ensure zero contamination.

Our in-house agronomy team, which comprises of over 10 members, are experts in the art of precision farming. They share their knowledge and learning continuously with farmers, so as to help them maximise their yield and minimise farm losses.

Most of what we grow is carefully nurtured in controlled greenhouse environments using efficient greenhouse and hydroponic techniques. This also allows us to grow seasonal produce all year round.

In our fields, we use drip irrigation to ensure responsible and sustainable water usage.

Mulching is often undertaken to encourage the growth of beneficial micro-organisms, to conserve moisture in the soil, and to prevent and control growth of weeds. We ward off pests using natural techniques, such as growing complimentary crops on the periphery of our fields which act as natural barriers.

We’re rooted in Community.
We work with small farmers to substantially increase their yield.
We help them increase their profits and minimise wastage.

We were sure, right from the outset, that we wanted to create a healthy eco-system which benefitted farmers and customers alike. Over years, our model strives to achieve just that. We couldn’t be more grateful for what our farmers bring to the table.

We aggregated the small farmers we partner with into a community who are not only better represented, but better heard.

With the expert intervention of our Agronomy team right from seed to harvest, we’ve been able to increase farm yield multifold, and have also reduced wastage.

At a time when farmers are migrating to cities to embrace alternate paths, our community of farmers have grown, prospered, and fallen in love with the art of farming all over again.